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Rising healthcare cost poses a serious threat to the lifestyle of the US citizens. Not least because they cannot afford to spend the extortionate amounts asked for prescriptions and care. This can cause real financial stress when emergency care is unavoidable. Resulting in considerable tension between families. Furthermore, healthcare is a common cause of personal bankruptcy in the USA.

It is not uncommon for a US citizen to encounter a rising healthcare insurance premium (of around 18% of their salary) docked from their monthly pay check. This can put a huge pressure on American families, because their annual salary is not rising in line with increased healthcare costs. Furthermore, when they find themselves in need of care the insurance does not cover all of the costs, meaning that they are even more out of pocket, and often pushed into acquiring debt.

US Healthcare Costs More!

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The US healthcare costs are 60% higher than healthcare costs in Europe. Therefore they are making way more profit on healthcare in the US than they are in Europe. With Big Pharma taking in ever increasing profits from each US citizen, average annual income increasing slower than healthcare costs and the fact that healthcare costs are higher in the US, citizens can struggle to pay.

US citizens are left with a choice, to pay for their day-to-day living expenses, or pay for healthcare. This is a tough decision to have to make when people are in need of medication or care but simply can't afford it. For some, the emergency room can be the only option with the increasing costs of family GPs. The simple fact is: 1 in 4 US citizens refuse health care because they simply cannot afford it.

Expensive Healthcare Doesn't Equate to Better Healthcare

People who are living in poverty often cannot afford the insurance bills and often have to choose between eating and healthcare. This is not a circumstance that people should be facing in a wealthy first world developed country.

Even with basic insurance US citizens still have to pay for medications, dental care, glasses, and therapy cost. This can have devastating results in the overall health of the US citizens, who have to live with health complications that if dealt with straight away would not cause any issue. About 10% or 27 million US citizens have no access to healthcare, so simple procedures cannot be carried out.

The US is one of the Top 10 Wealthiest countries; however it ranks last in life expectancy and has the worst maternal mortality. The US has three times the maternal mortality than the UK. Furthermore, the US has more infant deaths than any other country, and a high percentage of low birth weight babies. So although they (who government or Pharma) are making a lot of money out of healthcare, this doesn't seem to be proportionately reflected in the health of US Citizens.

Healthcare Cost Transparency

Statistics image; 42% of global pharmaceutical profits were made in the U.S.

Source:, 2016, Dr. Anupam B. Jena

The healthcare costing upwards of 60% more in the US than it does in Europe is certainly a cause for concern. Especially when you consider that 43 of the US states do not need to publicly disclose their healthcare pricing policies. If the pricing was transparent, then | am sure that we would see the healthcare costs reflected in the health of the US Citizens. Ina 2014 survey found that the US healthcare system was the most expensive and worst- performing out of the top 11 wealthiest countries.

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