Online pharmacies have become increasingly popular in the US for a number of reasons. Perhaps the largest one, however, is the price of healthcare – buying medicine online can help the average US citizen save money.

As a consequence of this popularity, illegitimate pharmacies have begun selling fake or unregulated prescriptions to international markets. Customers must therefore check an online pharmacy's accreditations to ensure they are qualified to dispense medicine.

At Medix Pharmacy, we strive to make it as easy as possible for customers to trust in our service. That is why we are pleased to announce that we have been recognized by PharmacyChecker and have passed their Verification Program. 

Here, we explore what that means for you and your medication.

What is PharmacyChecker?

PharmacyChecker is a comparison site strictly for licensed US and International pharmacies. Launched in 2003, they are the only independent company that verifies the credentials of international online pharmacies and compares the prices of the medication they stock.

It is not associated with or mandated by any governmental body. PharmacyChecker even factors in how the laws, regulations, policies and practices that govern online medicine sales vary from country to country.

From their site, users can compare the prices of various pharmacies, as well as access information about where the medicine is sourced, the licenses that each pharmacy carries, and any relevant contact information. 

What does the accreditation mean?

Fundamentally, meeting PharmacyChecker’s Verification Program Accreditation Standards means that you engage in safe standards of practice. It means that prescriptions ordered through their listed sites are fulfilled by licensed pharmacies that are lawfully permitted to ship medication internationally.

The organization must also meet website security standards to ensure safe commerce, and publish their customer privacy policy on it. Furthermore, a pharmacist consultation must be offered to customers, and quantities marketed on the website must be limited to a three-month supply at any one time.

Combined, these requirements make certain that customers are safe while shopping with the pharmacy and that their medical needs are not being exploited. Any site that contradicts these principles may present a risk to your health and should not be trusted.

What this means for you

Being accredited means that Medix meets all of the above requirements. It means that you are safe to purchase from us, and that our international supply is both legitimate and lawful.

You might be wondering why our international supply would need to be verified. Well, in order to offer such low prices to our customers, we identify medication from the likes of New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK. We then ship drugs from these locations to the US so that US consumers can pay similar prices to the rest of the world.

To do this, we need to have licenses in all of the countries we operate in. PharmacyChecker has verified these licenses, giving you total peace of mind.

The Medix approach

Our aim is to make medication affordable in the US by supplying customers with a realistic alternative to purchasing medicine from a physical pharmacy. PharmacyChecker’s accreditation is just another step towards that aim.

However, we understand that you may wish to explore our service a little further. Our support team is on hand to answer any questions and can be contacted on either 1-866-500-6633 (toll-free phone number) or +44 1438 500111 (international phone number). If you would like us to call back at a time more convenient for you, please request a callback instead.