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Mail order pharmacies were created as a result of the significant cost of US healthcare. Where local pharmacies were limited in their supply and forced to pay high charges, online pharmacies could offer lower pricing thanks to a wider selection of international suppliers.

Customers could then purchase European, Canadian and British medications as cheaper alternatives to US ones, provided the customers could present a legitimate prescription from their doctor. However, despite the convenience these platforms offer, take-up was initially slow.

Below, we explain why and break down the benefits of home delivery medication.

Why is now the time to use a mail order pharmacy?

While the benefits were obvious, US customers didn't rush to buy treatment over the internet. This was despite the fact that they could now order medication discreetly through a convenient home delivery service.

The reason was that a number of faux-pharmacies began cropping up, damaging the reputation of genuine mail order services by suggesting to customers they could purchase medication without legitimate prescriptions. Naturally, this slowed public adoption. That is, until the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus restricted visits to local pharmacies. This made prescription refills near impossible, especially if the individual was shielding and leaving their home threatened their health. Naturally, the only solution was to have medicine delivered to their door.

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How does a mail order pharmacy work?

You simply register for an account, choose from a list of medications, provide the relevant prescriptions, and get your medicine delivered in the mail. You can also contact customer services with any queries or concerns. The same is true if you want to fill your Rx again, allowing you to better manage your health routine.

Obviously, any pharmacy worth it's salt will need reasonable shipping times so that those ordering a refill of repeat medication don’t miss out on a necessary dose. Review sites can provide an indication of a mail service drug store's delivery times, so be sure to visit these when searching for a provider.

How beneficial are they?

For some, working hours don't allow enough time to pick up a prescription. But by purchasing online, you're able to order medication at a time that suits you. This is made even easier in the case of ordering a refill, as most internet pharmacies will remember your order.

As many mail order alternatives allow customers to purchase up to a 90-day supply, the process is even more convenient. Being able to store this amount of medication means you're able to better manage your condition and save money thanks to fewer pharmacy trips.

But that's not the only saving you'll make. As mentioned, the price of medication in the US can be staggering. However, as mail order stores import drugs from the likes of Canada, Europe and the UK, customers can enjoy cheaper medication without compromising on quality. 

Are they free to use?

Yes, ordering your prescription via mailed alternative is free. However, you'll still need to pay for your medication. This price may be less than your local pharmacy and, again, you'll be using a service that's easy to use and even allows you to search through a variety of treatments relevant to your condition. 

What's more, these lower rates in no way reflect on the quality of supply. Be warned, though, that dangerous organizations still masquerade as pharmacies and claim to offer impossibly low prices for a refill or specific drug.

How can I spot a fake pharmacy?

If any pharmacy allows you to purchase doctor-approved medications without a prescription, they’re acting unlawfully and should be avoided. It doesn't matter how much you save, if an organization promises to deliver medications illegally, you’re quite literally risking your life by taking them.

Typically, these organizations stockpile medicine long after it has gone out of date. And this isn't just a week, but potentially months. One of the many prescription drug benefits is the knowledge that what you are taking is approved at a federal level – after it's consumed past its sell-by date, that approval is no longer valid.

By taking outdated medications, you’re effectively taking drugs that are no longer proven to treat your condition and could in fact aggravate it. Plus, even if they were able to deliver quality prescription medicine, there's no assurance that these will be delivered on time or in one piece.

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