It is a widely known fact that the American health care system is more intricate than its European counterparts. The nation spent 17.8% of its GDP on health in 2016 alone, although few understand the dynamics of the American medical market and how prices have increased to the extent they have.

Since the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health care has intensified in its contentiousness in American politics – cementing that, for some, universal health care is still a subject of controversy. The UK has the NHS and the Canadian public has a similar health care system, which provides them with both lower medical costs and wider access to health care solutions.

This is where Medix Pharmacy enters the fold. The benefit of an online drugstore is that it can acquire the medication from various pharmaceutical authorities internationally and supply American patients for a lower price.

In this article, we explain the realities of the international purchasing of medication and how it can support your needs.

Why is American medication so much more expensive?

US citizens fund the majority of the global pharmaceutical industry’s profits. Without entering into the politics of this debate, this is largely due to the American health care system being more (or perhaps just openly) bureaucratic than other countries. There are multiple groups in the supply chain that blur the exact nature of trading standards and research and development costs. The entire industry is so expensive that prices are almost double that of the rest of the world.

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That isn’t the full story though: health care is also costly as a result of the philosophies rooted in American culture. The idea of raising taxes to accommodate others isn’t as popular in American society as it is in European nations. Likewise, drug companies play a more prominent role in American politics and as a result have large government support for their methods of operation.

Yet this approach doesn’t go unrewarded. Americans are consequently given access to life-saving medication that other nations aren’t provided with until much further down the product’s life cycle. Medication for cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and more are all available to the US citizen long before those in the UK and other European nations. In 2017, it was reported in a study that all 45 approved new cancer drugs were covered by Medicare in the US as opposed to 26 in the UK and 13 in Canada.

How does the UK and Canada keep costs down?

The argument is that, should America’s competitive pricing of medicine fall, the industry would dramatically cut investment for the development of new treatments and cures. This emphasizes the corporate outlook of health care that is unfamiliar to other nations. For example, in the US, prices are used to fund advertising costs as part of their business model – which isn’t permitted in the EU.

The UK and Canada have a firmer relationship with pharmaceutical companies. They set price caps and will refuse to cover medicines they don’t believe will be worth the investment. As both the NHS and Canada’s health service are the largest buyers in these countries, they have more buying power and will frequently challenge any new medication with older formulas, demanding proof of increased value.

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On the other hand, America’s market is splintered in several different directions. Insurance companies and billpayers scattered the market, allowing for its competitive pricing. Furthermore, Medicare (the US’ largest payer for prescription drugs) by law has no bargaining power with major drug companies and can’t negotiate pricing.

How will a mail order pharmacy take advantage of this?

Compared to your local pharmacy outlet, an online drugstore is able to purchase medication at the prices offered internationally. By purchasing the medical solutions in British and Canadian markets and then dispensing them to American citizens, they provide an alternative answer to those unable to afford their health care.

The affordability of health care is a key concern for Americans, and we understand that. Through organizations such as Medix, patients are able to sustain their medication while the US pharmaceutical markets continue to flourish in innovation and competition. The best online pharmacies have core international relationships with providers that allow them to sustain this supply chain and present such savings. These internet drugstores can provide legitimate prescriptions written by a licensed physician.

Be conscious though that medication should only be administered under the supervision of a health professional. Our premises and pharmacists are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council, qualifying us to dispense the medication to you over our online platform and ensuring your safety. Do not trust websites that offer you non-over-the-counter drugs without first providing your prescription.

Medix is based in England and offers a service that is supplied by highly regulated manufacturers and distributors that are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

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