(Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol)

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Brand Name Choices

Desogen 28 Day 0.15/0.03mg
Desogen 28 Day 0.15/0.03mg

Marketed as Marvelon 28 Day in New Zealand

Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol

Manufactured by Schering Plough

Product of New Zealand

Dispensed by an international pharmacy partner

Prescription Required

Generic Choices

No generic medication is available for Desogen (Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol)

What Desogen is and what it is used for

Rigevidon­is­a­combined­oral­contraceptive,­also­called­the­pill.­It­contains­two­types­of­female­hormones:­an­oestrogen,­ ethinylestradiol,­and­a­progestogen,­levonorgestrel­in­a­low­dose. The­combined­contraceptive­pill­protects­you­against­getting­pregnant­in­three­ways.­These­hormones 1.­­stop­the­ovary­from­releasing­an­egg­each­month­(ovulation) 2.­­also­thicken­the­fluid­(at­the­neck­of­the­womb)­making­it­more­difficult­for­the­sperm­to­reach­the­egg 3.­­alter­the­lining­of­the­womb­to­make­it­less­likely­to­accept­a­fertilised­egg.

How to take Desogen

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Possible side effects

Like ,Rigevidon starting after months few first the in occur can which, pill the using women in reported been have effects side These .pill the to adjusted has body your once stop usually they but arterial (arteries the in clots blood or)) VTE (thromboembolism venous (veins the in clots blood of risk increased An on information detailed more For. contraceptives hormonal combined using women all for present is)) ATE (thromboembolism take you before know to need you What “2 section see please contraceptives hormonal combined taking from risks different the .“Rigevidon altered, depression including swings mood, candidiasis vaginal including, Vaginitis): people 10 in 1 to up affect may (

Common ,discharge and enlargement breast, pain breast, acne, pain abdominal, sick being, sick feeling, dizziness, nervousness, desire sexual vaginal and) ectopion cervical in change (cervix of abnormality, bleeding reduced or no, bleeding irregular, menstruation painful .weight in changes, edema/retention fluid, secretion ,bloating, cramps abdominal, pressure blood elevated, appetite in Changes): people 100 in 1 to up affect may (

Uncommon fats blood altered, loss hair, growth hair excessive, persist may which), skin the on patches brown yellow (chloasma, rashes .triglycerides increased including swelling, hives of cases rare very with reaction anaphylactic (reaction allergic Severe): people 000,1 in 1 to up affect may (

Rare ,lenses contact wearing when irritation eye, intolerance glucose), disorders respiratory and circulatory severe, tongue, face of .(nodules skin reddish painful by characterized (nodosum erythema condition skin the), jaundice (skin the of yellowing immune of aggravation, liver of tumour malignant or Benignus): people 000,10 in 1 to up affect may (effects side rare Very inflammation), disorder movement involuntary an (chorea of exacerbation, porphyria of aggravation), lupus (disease system intestine large the of inflammation, veins varicose of aggravation, eye the of vessels blood the in clots blood, nerve optic the of characterized (multiforme erythema), gallstones including (disease gallbladder, pancreas the of inflammation), colitis ischaemic( where disorder a (HUS
•syndrome uraemic haemolytic called disorder blood a), sores or reddening shaped-target with rash by .fail to kidneys the cause clots blood ulcerative, Disease s’Crohn (disease bowel Inflammatory): data available the from estimated be cannot frequency (known Not .(abnormal function hepatic, hepatitis. g.e (injury hepatocellular), colitis effects side of Reporting You. leaflet this in listed not effects side possible any includes This. pharmacist or doctor your to talk, effects side any get you If .yellowcard/ Website, Scheme Card Yellow via directly effects side report also can .medicine this of safety the on information more provide help can you effects side reporting B

How to Store Desogen

children of reach and sight the of out medicine this Keep the to refers date expiry The. EXP after carton and blister the on stated is which date expiry the after medicine this use not Do .month that of day last .C °25 below Store you medicines away throw to how pharmacist your Ask. waste household or wastewater via medicines any away throw not Do .environmen

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