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Hygroton 25mg
Hygroton 25mg


Manufactured by AFT

Product of New Zealand

Dispensed by an international pharmacy partner

Prescription Required

Generic Choices

Chlorthalidone 50mg
Chlorthalidone 50mg

Generic Equivalent of Hygroton 50mg

Manufactured by AA Pharma

Product of Canada

Dispensed by an approved Canadian pharmacy partner

Prescription Required

Chlorthalidone 50mg
Chlorthalidone 50mg

Generic Equivalent of Hygroton 50mg

Manufactured by Various UK Generic Manufacturers (MHRA Approved)

Product of United Kingdom

Dispensed by a licensed pharmacy in the United Kingdom

Prescription Required

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What Hygroton is and what it is used for

Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets belongs to a group of medicines called thiazide diuretics. Thiazide diuretics help to reduce the amount of water in your body. They do this by increasing the amount of water that you pass as urine. They are sometimes called 'water tablets'. Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets is used to:
• treat high blood pressure (hypertension)
• treat heart failure
• help reduce the fluid retention that occurs with some kidney or liver diseases
• treat diabetes insipidus (a condition in which an individual produces large amounts of dilute urine and is constantly thirsty).

How to take Hygroton

Always take Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets exactly as your doctor has told you to. It is important to take your tablets at the right time. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure. Your doctor will choose a suitable starting dose for your particular condition and monitor your progress. If necessary, this dose can be increased or reduced. Whilst you are taking Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets, your doctor may want to carry out a number of tests from time to time. This is quite usual and nothing to worry about. It is best to take Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets in the morning with food. Swallow your tablets whole with a drink of water. Adults The usual doses for adults are as follows:
• High blood pressure: The starting dose is 25 mg (half a tablet) a day. Your doctor may increase this to 50 mg (one tablet) a day if necessary.
• Heart failure: The starting dose is 25 mg (half a tablet) a day. Your doctor may increase this up to 200 mg (four tablets) a day if necessary.
• Fluid retention associated with kidney or liver disease: Up to 50 mg (one tablet) a day.
• Diabetes insipidus (a disease in which an individual produces large amounts of dilute urine and is constantly thirsty): Chlortalidone 50mg tablets PIL UK 001 The starting dose is 100 mg (two tablets) twice a day. Your doctor may reduce your dose to 50 mg (one tablet) a day. Children Your doctor will choose a suitable dose based on your child’s age and weight. Elderly patients or those with kidney problems Your doctor may give you a lower dose because your body may not get rid of Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets as quickly as normal. If you are not sure how many tablets to take, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Do not stop taking your tablets suddenly. Ask your doctor first. What to do if you take more Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets than you should If you accidentally take too many tablets, or someone else takes any of your medicine, you should tell your doctor immediately or contact your nearest accident and emergency department because you may need urgent treatment. Show any left-over medicines or the empty packet to the doctor. If you forget to take Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as possible, unless it is almost time to take the next dose. Do not take a double dose. Then go on as before. If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Possible side effects

Do not worry. Like all medicines, Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them. If you get any of the following tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately as they may tell you to stop taking Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets:
• muscles feel weak or will not work properly
• irregular heartbeat.

Very common side effects (that affect more than 1 person in 10)
• low blood levels of potassium which can cause muscle weakness, muscle twitching or abnormal heartbeat
• increased blood levels of uric acid
• increased blood levels of cholesterol.

Common side effects (that affect less than 1 person in 10)
• low levels of sodium which can cause tiredness, confusion, muscle twitching, fits or coma Chlortalidone 50mg tablets PIL UK 001
• low levels of magnesium
• high blood sugar levels which can cause tiredness, weakness or feeling thirsty
• nettle rash
• skin rash
• low blood pressure which may make you feel dizzy when you stand up
• dizziness
• loss of appetite
• upset stomach
• impotence in men.

Uncommon side effects (that affect less than 1 person in 100)
• gout which causes pain and swelling in the joints.

Rare side effects (that affect less than 1 person in 1000)
• increased calcium in the blood which can cause agitation, sore eyes, abdominal pain
• sugar in the urine (this would show up when your doctor or nurse tests your urine)
• worsening of diabetes
• yellowing of the skin or eyes caused by liver or blood problems (jaundice)
• increased sensitivity of your skin to sunlight
• abnormal heartbeat the symptoms of which include palpitations and fainting
• pins and needles
• headache
• feeling or being sick
• stomach pain
• constipation
• diarrhoea
• reduction in blood platelets which increases the risk of bruising or bleeding
• severe reduction in the number of white blood cells which makes infection more likely
• an abnormally high amount of eosinophils (type of white blood cell) in the blood
• breathing problems
• problems with your kidneys.

Very rare side effects (that affect less than 1 person in 10 000)
• low levels of chloride in the blood, symptoms include dry mouth, thirst, gastrointestinal disturbances (including nausea, vomiting), weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, restlessness, seizures, confusion, headache, muscle pains or cramps, hypotension
• inflammation of the pancreas which causes severe stomach and back pain. Chlortalidone 50mg tablets PIL UK 001 If any of the side effects gets worse, or if you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

How to Store Hygroton

Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not take Chlortalidone 50 mg Tablets after the expiry date which is stated on the carton. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. Medicines should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist on how to dispose of medicines no longer required. These measures will help protect the environment.

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