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Nicorette Nasal Spray

Prescription Settings Edit

Brand Name Choices

Nicorette 10mg/mL (0.5mg/Spray)
Nicorette 10mg/mL (0.5mg/Spray) Nasal Spray


Manufactured by McNeil Products Ltd (Johnson & Johnson)

Product of United Kingdom

Dispensed by a licensed pharmacy in the United Kingdom

* Each 50 micrloitre spray delivers 0.5mg of Nicotine. There are approximately 200 sprays in each 10mL bottle.

Generic Choices

No generic medication is available for Nicorette Nasal Spray (Nicotine)

What Nicorette Nasal Spray is and what it is used for

NICORETTE® inhalator is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). It is used to relieve and /or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking or when cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. Ideally you should always aim to stop smoking. You can use NICORETTE® inhalator to achieve this by using it to completely replace all your cigarettes. However NICORETTE® inhalator can also be used in other ways, n if you feel unable to stop smoking completely, or wish to replace certain cigarettes and therefore it can help you to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, n at those times when you can’t or do not want to smoke. For example,
•Where you don’t want to smoke and avoid harm to others e.g children or family.
•Smoke free areas e.g Pub, work, public transport e.g aeroplanes. It may also help increase your motivation to quit. When making a quit attempt a behavioural support programme will increase your chances of success. What does nicorette® inhalator do? When you stop smoking or cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, your body misses the nicotine that you have been absorbing. You may experience unpleasant feelings and a strong desire to smoke (craving). This indicates that you were dependent on nicotine. When you use NICORETTE® inhalator, air is drawn through the inhalator and nicotine is released. The nicotine is absorbed into your body through the lining of your mouth. This relieves the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. It will also help to stop your craving to smoke, but will not give you the ’’buzz’’ you get from smoking a cigarette. Benefits you can get from using NRT instead of smoking For the best effect, ensure that you use nicorette inhalator correctly – see “How to Use NICORETTE® inhalator”. The benefits of stopping smoking clearly outweigh any potential risk from using nicotine from NRT. It is the toxins in cigarette smoke such as tar, lead, cyanide and ammonia that cause smoking related disease and death, not the nicotine. n You may think that smoking helps relieve feelings of anxiety and stress, but it does not deal with the cause of stress and leads to a number of serious diseases. In addition, the feeling of relaxation after smoking is temporary, with withdrawal symptoms and cravings soon returning. Nicotine replacement therapy can help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, low mood, anxiety, restlessness and cravings when used in place of cigarettes. n NRT may benefit smokers who want to quit, by helping to control weight gain that may be experienced when trying to stop smoking. Use of NRT is safer than smoking tobacco but as soon as you are ready, you should aim to stop smoking completely

How to take Nicorette Nasal Spray

How to use nicorette® inhalator Follow the instructions below. Setting up the inhalator 1 Take the sealed plastic tray from the box. Peel back the foil. 2 Take the plastic mouthpiece from the box. 3 Twist the two sections of the mouthpiece until the two marks line up. Then pull the mouthpiece apart. 4 Take a cartridge from the tray. Push the cartridge firmly into the bottom of the mouthpiece until the seal breaks. 5 Put the top section on the mouthpiece, lining up the two marks. Push together firmly to break the cartridge seal. 6 Twist to lock. i Special information about using the inhalator Using the inhalator 1 Inhale using the inhalator, either deeply or shallow puffs. Choose the way that suits you. Either way, your body will receive the amount of nicotine required to give craving relief. You may find it takes more effort than inhaling from a cigarette, but the amount of nicotine you absorb through the lining of your mouth is the same whether you take deep or shallow puffs. 2 It is up to you how many inhalations (puffs) you take, how often you take them and for how long. 3 Each cartridge will provide you with about 40 minutes of intense use. You can divide this time how you like. For example, you could use a cartridge for four 10 minute inhalation periods. Or you could use a cartridge for 10 minutes on waking and then for six periods of five minutes later on in the day. Once the cartridge is used up, you will need to change it. Changing a cartridge 1 Open the mouthpiece as in step 3 of Setting up the inhalator. Pull out the cartridge and dispose of it safely. 2 Put a new cartridge into the inhalator as in steps 4-6 of Setting up the inhalator. Dosage and temperature NICORETTE® inhalator works best at room temperature and it is best not to use the inhalator in the cold. In cold surroundings (below 15°C or 59°F) you may have to inhale more often to get the same amount of nicotine as when using the inhalator at room temperature. When you are in surroundings above 30°C or 86°F, you should inhale less often to avoid taking in too much nicotine. i When to use the inhalator If you are able to stop smoking you should use the inhalator, when needed, in place of cigarettes. As soon you can (this could be after a number of weeks or months) you should reduce the number of cartridges until you have stopped using them completely. If you are unable to stop smoking or do not feel ready to quit at this time, you should replace as many cigarettes as possible with the inhalator. There are toxins in cigarettes that can cause harm to your body. NICORETTE® inhalator provides a safer alternative to smoking, for both you and those around you. Reducing the amount of cigarettes may also help you to become more motivated to stop smoking. As soon as you are ready you should aim to stop smoking completely. You can also use the inhalator on those occasions when you can’t or don’t want to smoke e.g. Social situations such as a party, in the pub or when at work. When making a quit attempt behavioural therapy, advice and support will normally improve the success rate. If you have quit smoking and want to stop using the inhalator but are finding this difficult you should contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacist for advice. i Below is the dosage information for nicorette® inhalator. Age Dose Adults and children As needed up to a aged 12 years and maximum of 6 over cartridges per day n Do not use more than 6 cartridges per day. n The frequency with which you use the cartridges and the length of time it lasts will depend on how many cigarettes you smoked and how strong they were. 651536 turn over ➤ ! If you have used nicorette® inhalator too much If you have used more than the recommended number of cartridges, you may experience nausea (feeling sick), salivation, pain in your abdomen, diarrhoea, sweating, headache, dizziness, hearing disturbance or weakness. n If you do get any of these effects contact a doctor or your nearest hospital Accident and Emergency department immediately. Take this leaflet and the pack with you. ! If a child uses an inhalator or swallows a cartridge n Contact a doctor or your nearest hospital Accident and Emergency department immediately if a child under 12 years uses your inhalator, or chews, sucks or swallows a cartridge. Take this leaflet and the pack with you. Nicotine inhalation or ingestion by a child may result in severe poisonin

Possible side effects

How to Store Nicorette Nasal Spray

Cleaning the inhalator Clean the empty mouthpiece several times a week by rinsing it in water. Storing the inhalator and cartridges n Keep NICORETTE® inhalator out of the sight and reach of children and animals. Nicotine in high doses can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal if taken by small children. n Do not store above 25°C. n Do not use NICORETTE® inhalator after the ’Use before’ date shown on the carton. n Dispose of any cartridge that has been inser ted into the mouthpiece within 48 hours even if it has not been used. Disposal Dispose of your used inhalator cartridges safely. When a cartridge is used up, it is very important that you dispose of the empty cartridge carefully as it still contains some nicotine fixed to the plug. This nicotine is not available for inhalation but could be harmful to children or pets if swallowed or sucked. You can return the empty cartridge to the foil tray then dispose of all the empty cartridges with your household rubbish.

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